LDPE Grinding

 375.00 p/to.

LDPE regrind in bales, The material is prewashed. It may contain small amounts of sand, dust and occasional pieces of PET or LLDPE. Thorough material washing is recommended before processing. The material has a moisture content of 15% - 20%. The proportion sometimes varies greatly. Some bales have only a very small amount of moisture, other bales have more. With a decent washing process, you get a very good, light-colored feedstock for regranulation. Due to the fineness of the material, the sieves should be adjusted accordingly during the washing process in order to avoid unnecessary loss of material. 1 container of 22 - 24 tons loading weight. Available 500 tons monthly. FOB Hamburg price: 375€ tons.

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Product information

500 kg p/month
23 Jan 2023
€ 375.00 p/to.