Bopp Film Roll Scrap

 300.00 p/kg

Bopp Film Roll Scrap for Soft Touch Lamination Food Grade Plastic Printed. Bopp Film Scrap (rolls) Manufacturer 1. Characteristic a. Good printability. b. Distinguished gloss. c. High transparency. d. Excellent abrasion resistance. e. Good heat shrinkage, specially ideal for tight package contributed to the unique properties of inside surface. f. Perfect surface slip (even in the condition of 600C). g. High stiffness, good foldability. h. Good heat sealability in high speed. 2. Usage a. Bopp film roll adopts bopp film as raw material and coated with water base acrylic adhesive. b. Bopp film roll is widely used in packaging bundling and wrapping. And it's perfect suitable for Carton, Gift, Pallet, Package, Merchandise, etc. c. Company name, logo, contact details and any other information can be printed on the bopp film roll to show quality and professionalism. d. Packing with logo printed bopp film roll also a best way to distinguish different products and improve the image of product packaging.

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5000 ton p/month
18 Oct 2020
€ 300.00 p/kg