Plastic Granulator mill MACHTEK MG25B + container

 3,429.00 p/pcs.

Plastic Granulator MACHTEK MG25B with container MG25B is a medium-sized granulator for recycling plastic with a capacity of up to 300 kg / hour. Technical data of the MACHTEK MG25B Plastic Granulator: Engine power: 7.5 kW Knife rotation speed: 500 rpm. Diameter of the rotor: 250 mm Number of movable knives: 12 Number of fixed knives: 4 Capacity: up to 300 kg / hour. Size of the grinding chamber: 250x400mm Noise level: 75-95 dB Weight: 550 kg Dimensions (length x width x height): 1150 × 820 × 1280 mm Intended for recycling all kinds of plastics. Advantages of the MACHTEK MG25B Plastic Granulator: Stable granulate size, tightness of the grinding chamber and low dust level guaranteed thanks to the use of CSCG technology Compact and mobile construction, adapted for transport with a forklift Reinforced double-sided screen that significantly extends the life of the machine Knives can be sharpened many times, which reduces operating costs Direct access to the grinding chamber, which enables convenient removal of all processing residues Fast and trouble-free exchange of fixed and movable knives Safe working environment due to low noise and dust levels Facilitating access to the interior of the granulator pneumatic cylinder The possibility of long and uninterrupted work due to the unique, reducing friction of the structure The machine can be adapted to specific applications with the help of additionally ordered components It has the European CE Safety Certificate. We offer more MG Plastic Series Granulators with capacities from 200 to 900 kg / h with power from 5.5 to 37 kW

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7 ton p/day
13 Oct 2020
€ 3,429.00 p/pcs.