Shredder Double shaft Mill MACHTEK MR-2800 22.5kW

 41,533.00 p/pcs.

MACHTEK MR-2800 Double Shaft Mill 22.5 kW Designed to perform heavy tasks, it obtains a capacity of up to 4000 kg of processed material per hour Technical data of the MACHTEK MR-2800 22.5kW Double Shaft Mill Power: 22.5 kW Cutting chamber size: 500 x 850 mm Shaft diameter: 280 mm Rotor speed: 20/22 rpm Productivity: 1500 - 4000 kg / hour Machine weight: 3500 kg Machine dimensions: 2250 x 1510 x 2270 mm Effective crushing of all materials Advantages of the MACHTEK MR-2800 Double Shaft Mill 22.5kW solid construction durable rotor blades and two shafts turning in opposite directions ensure effective crushing of all materials, on request it is possible to choose blades and torque according to your needs, seals protecting shaft bearings, mechanical and hydraulic drive systems, has a European CE Safety Certificate. The auction applies to machines with 22.5 kW engine! We offer more MACHTEK Two-Shaft Mills with a power from 7.5 to 45 kW and a capacity from 500 to 5500 kg / h MATCHTEK sp.z o.o. - Recycling machines

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96 ton p/day
26 Nov 2019
€ 41,533.00 p/pcs.