MACHTEK WW-300 Vibration Smoothing Machine

 14,238.00 p/pcs.

A machine for polishing and cleaning medium and large materials - all types of metals and plastics Perfect for car or train accidents, fires and disasters. TECHNICAL DATA: engine power (kW): 2.2 capacity (l): 300 chamber width: 370 horizontal vibration amplitude (mm): 5 ~ 7 vertical vibration amplitude (mm): 4 ~ 6 thickness of polyurethane coating (mm): 20 dimensions WxDxH (cm): 128x128x94 Advantages of MACHTEK vibratory smoothing machines By replacing manual polishing with the rotary-vibrating method, you will significantly reduce your labor costs and reduce production costs and time, the roto-vibration method can be used for mass production to improve and standardize product quality, wet method improves the quality of processing and eliminates all dust and dust, wide range of applications - processing of all types of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous and precious metals as well as plastics, etc. the ability to process items such as rims, cutlery, etc. built-in extremely durable, resistant to abrasion, oils and acids, replaceable polyurethane coating, engine speed control system will save about 50% of electricity, very simple operation, quiet, easy and fast work. We provide professional advice before buying, service, technical support and spare parts during operation. MACHTEK: recycling machines

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17 May 2020
€ 14,238.00 p/pcs.