Cable granulator cooper aluminium plastic MACHTEK RECO200

 30,904.00 p/pcs.

MACHTEK RECO200 Cable Granulator An industrial copper recovery machine with a capacity of up to 300 kg of processed cables per hour. Specifications for the MACHTEK RECO200 Cable Granulator Power: 28 kW Capacity: 150 - 300 kg / hour. Cable diameter: from 0.1 to 20 mm The material processed: power cables, car cables, telecommunications cables, computer cables and all other types of copper cables Dimensions of the machine (length x width x height): 4400 mm * 2700 mm * 2450 mm The MACHTEK RECO200 granulator recovers up to 99.9% copper from cables Advantages of the MACHTEK RECO200 Cable Granulator: High efficiency - over 2 tons of converted cables during an 8-hour working day Fast and effective work - thanks to the use of a strong mill and a pneumatic separation table Easy installation and service - all you have to do is place the machine in the final place and connect to the electricity - it's ready to go Reliability of use - durable and modern construction, warranty and post-warranty service Safety - friendly for the environment and employees, thanks to the use of efficient dust filters Security confirmed by the CE certificate. The MACHTEK RECO200 cable granulator is the performance measured in tonnes of daily recovered copper. We also offer other cable granulators with different capacities. You can find them on our website at MACHTEK sp. z o.o. - Recycling machines

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7 ton p/day
13 Nov 2021
€ 30,904.00 p/pcs.