Best Price 100% Raw Rubber Cup Lump High Quality

 1.20 p/kg

Rubber is a hydrocarbon polymer contained in some types of plant latex. This rubber material comes from a tree that is a rubber tree. Rubber trees from the Brazilian Amazon valley with the scientific name Hevea brasiliensis. The new rubber tree entered Asia in 1876 AD, after England smuggled rubber seeds from Brasilia to be developed in the British Botanical Gardens and colonized countries including Malaysia. Some properties of natural rubber are as follows: Resistant to low temperatures, can stick to metal, has high friction and tear resistance, easy to process or produce, hardness can be adjusted from very soft to very hard (ebonite), appearance and color that can be adjusted range from translucent to black concentrated, ability to isolate electricity or conductive, absorb or reduce vibration and sound. You can contact our regional head office if you need to visit our office or Warehouse for your self.

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150 ton p/month
30 Apr 2021
€ 1.20 p/kg
United Kingdom